EU-sponsored 2-week Intensive Programme for university students
2 to 14 June, 2014 - RIMINI (Italy)


Project background

For 10 years EduSport project has been representing a practical ground to introduce and try out in a small setting new teaching methods aimed at utilizing sport as a tool for tackling multiple social issues such as social integration and social mutual understanding, social cooperation and welfare. Sport offers the opportunity to be at the same time a game (in other word been enjoyable) an healthy practice and a way to unite a group of people for the same goal. Trough games we can teach children (but also adults) educating them on important social issues such as health preserving lifestyles, so that games becomes both the way and the object of the teaching. Physical activity touches people also on emotional level and this may be a key point to be used in improving the health status of a society

SocialSport  - EduSport 2014

EduSport 11th edition will be dedicated to investigate the relationship between Exercise and chronic diseases prevention and treatment. Everybody desire its own life to be long and healthy and this school will be dedicated to learn what recent Science is telling us what we should do to improve our chances for a long and healthy life. Also the school will be dedicated in learning the best effective ways to guide others into the path to an healthier life. The demography of our society is changing fast and now more than ever we need professionals experts in diseases prevention more that in diseases curing.

Healthy diet and active life style are the two columns of disease prevention. This Intensive programme will be dedicated to learn ways and techniques to improve nutritional habits and increase physical activity for people of all the different ages of life: youth, adulthood and seniority.

Course completion will award 6 credits to students coming from the institutions that recognize the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).

The Project is dedicated to…

The EduSport LLP intensive program (IP) is dedicated to students in exercise and sport sciences that wish to gain advanced theoretical and practical knowledge on how it is possible to utilize sport and exercise science for improving society from both a cultural and a medical perspective. The program of the school is divided in order to provide both a theoretical and a practical approach from international experts of the specific discipline. The school utilizes a new educational approach. Students are divided in multiple groups and each group is asked to plan and organize activities for other groups. The evaluation at the end of the school, which is necessary to assign the educational credits to each student (6 ECTS), will keep into consideration not only the theoretical and practical knowledge gained by the student during the classes but also their active participation in the planning of activities for their classmates. The importance of the educational and social relevance aspects of sport activity is in fact the central aim of the EduSport school.



4 Fellowships covering most of the participation and travelling costs are available for each  SocialSport Partner Institutions.

The course will accept a maximum of 60 participant students.


LLP ERASMUS Intensive Programme

This project edition  is supported by EU through the LLP ERASMUS (code n. 2013-1-IT2-ERA10-52930)

If you like video see what's all about

(credits: video as been produced by Marvin Lichtenstein former student of 2013 edition)

If you are interested in the biology of ageing please visit also our twin programme web site Next generation Leaders in Biology of Ageing



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